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Firstly: The facts!

  • Eircom were contacted to fix a broken phone line. The line was completely dead.
  • Eircom fixed the phone line by installing a new line.
  • Eircom failed to ask us if we had broadband, they also neglected to turn DSL back on for our new line.

Due to the actions taken by Eircom they effectively cut off our broadband connection. To resolve this issue we first called Esat BT (our broadband provider). After several HOURS on hold we got talking to a technician who advised that we fill out a new line connection form. From talking to Esat BT support I am drawing the following conclusion:

Esat BT technicians are not interested in resolving your issue. They are interested in getting you off the phone as quickly as possible as this is the metric by which they are rated. (Number of calls VS time)

Obviously there is a serious conflict of interest when trying to juggle providing decent customer care and getting through 20 calls in a shift. The end result is a horrific experience for most customers, and resolution for the small few who are lucky enough to get someone who cares.

On to Eircom: We called Eircom to explain that it was in fact them who had caused the whole problem by cutting off the DSL (without asking). We had the misfortune of speaking to Lorraine (the worlds worst customer service representative). Lorraine was thoroughly useless, abusive, and belligerent. It was clearly explained that Eircom were to blame for the whole problem, however Lorraine explained over and over that in order to resolve this we would need to contact Esat BT, who would in turn contact Eircom. Procedure obviously could not be broken, god forbid. Lorraine was the quintessential call centre drone, firing out the buzz phrases of "Its a wholesale issue"....and "bare with me". You should not be working in customer service, as you are ignorant and rude.

After 15 minutes of Lorraine's drivel the purpose of our call switched from getting our problem resolved to making a formal complaint about Lorraine's attitude. We got put through to Lorraine's manager x. It soon became clear as I watched my sisters face in horror as x launched into another defensive attack, stating the problem was not eircom's and we needed to call BT (They call this schooming x). The conversation, and any faith we had in Eircom ended when x hung up on us, having lost her temper at the end of a biblical hissie fit.

Thank you Eircom, you just joined the elite of customer service scum bags

So where to now: So both companies had fobbed us off. We were left with no other choice than to go back to ring Esat BT and pled with them to help. Luckily for us after a 50 minute wait we got talking to a technician called Paul who ordered a line check for DSL. I will say that Paul promised to call me back with the results....and never did. That said the problem with the DSL looks to be resolved as the DSL light is back on!

Enter The Peace Maker: It jmust be mentioned that "nice guy eircom" did call us back to apologise for the horrendous treatment we receved at the hands of Lorrane and x. However man above, you did not apologie for cutting the DSL and causing the problem in the frist place.

In retrospect: What should have happened is this:

  1. We call Esat be and report DSL down.
  2. Esat do a line check. > Problem is resolved

Instead the staff of both companies created a nightmare for us.....and the above is our story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Reply #14 on : Sun March 11, 2012, 23:00:14
best solution for eircom customers is to log all breakdown durations over a two month period. then calculate the credit value of those breakdowns vs their general charges and deduct. add your time at an appropriate hourly rate and send the credit application every two months (the bill) to eircom by reg.post. if they cut you off...they are legally shooting themselves in the feet.
Keith Walker
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Eircom Broadband
Reply #13 on : Fri October 28, 2011, 10:48:42
I had a similar problem. A friend had a fault with slow downloads and contacted Eircom who ensured her that her modem (that they had supplied) was faulty and offered her another one free provided she extend her contract. The new modem arrives and her son in law tries to connect it up by LAN cable so no wireless problems, WEP keys and the like.

So the original problem persists as the son in law spends 2 months jumping up and down on the lap top in an embarrassed fashion as he thinks he's got her saddled with this contract and modem for no reason.

Then I got involved. I checked the laptop and other than a shitload of Windows upgrades being needed, there's nothing wrong with the PC.

I unplug the LAN cable from the eircom modem and plug it into my THREE wireless modem....and the PC works perfectly. It seems obvious to me if the computer works perfectly on one system and not the other, then the system is at fault.

OK...let's phone the engineers at eircom....and I get an Indian call centre with an Indian chappie who insists on treating me like a moron for an hour. He tries blaming 1. A house alarm and there is none. 2. Extension phone sockets...there are none.

He takes me to the eircom site to check the download speed. It says it's OK. Again he says it's the computer. Again, I argue about the THREE system working. He takes me into the Eircom modem settings and gets me to fiddle around. Again, no success.

Finally, he offers me yet another modem, and I explode saying it's already been replaced. Finally I threaten to cancel the contract as the service is not fit for purpose. All this has taken about an hour.

Finally, he asks me to unplug the PC from the modem. I hear a keyboard rattling at the other end of the line. Then he says, plug it in again and hey presto, it works perfectly.

Now I'm technically qualified in electronics though not trained in IT but my friend is a pensioner. How would she have ever got this resolved without me?

So I totally concur with the previous post. These people are nothing but money grabbing morons.
teresa o riordan
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Reply #12 on : Fri September 24, 2010, 00:35:53
i had no broadband for nearly 5 days just went down and got no where when i rang. how dare they do that with out letting people know they were up grading there system, so what they left me with out it, and now they send out letter that if u go over the usuage u are charged, i think they are useless to deal with and u get no where when u talk on the phone. i think im better off going someone where else and i wont reckon mend ye to anyone...
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Eircoms treatment of a customer
Reply #11 on : Sat May 02, 2009, 20:40:46
I had perlico broadband for a year and was very happy with it until 2 eircom reps called to my door saying eircom were welcoming their customers back and I could get phone line and broadband for 50euro per month.My first bill was in 2 days for 57 euro,2nd for 200.82euro and the3rd was 157.53. After 4 letters of complaint and 2 phone calls I was cut off after being a customer for 15 and a half years(except the year with perlico).If I had not listened to the reps I would still have my phone number and broadband and I wouldn,t have had all the hassle I have had for the past 6 months. Eircom let your customers with other companies if all you have to offer is hassle and bad service. PS. I never got a reply to any of the letters I wrote or satisfaction from the phone call. Mary.
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Re: Eircom.net problem, customer complaints, BT Ireland, Esat BT complaints and problems
Reply #10 on : Mon December 08, 2008, 15:34:27
Hi everyone,

I am actually working in a call center and such attitude as eircom horrifies me, I made a contract for a broadband connection in september, and have been waiting for my bill for 3 months. I ve called them 4 times to get the bill to be sent another time, they hung up on me two times. When i say them there must be a problem with my address which comes from their company, as i m receiving other bill types, they just say we will send another bill Mister, thank you for calling....

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new comment
Reply #9 on : Mon December 03, 2007, 08:34:53

You know you are not the first and will by no means be the last to be treted like a cabbage by the telecoms industry who thinks its in the crop farming business.

Each and every time I switch off my router BT drop my DSL requiring that I call them. they make me go thru a stupid procedure which I have done already to ensure I'm not the 'stupid' customer even though their database no doubt has a record of my now monthly phone calls.

To add insult to injury I know a little more about DSL and the internets infrastructure in general being a programmer. Plus add to this their repeated insistance that I use THEIR router (as if there is a difference) When I continually explain that I need a wireless reouter with more than one ethernet port.

I know many people bitch Irish Broadband but before I moved into my new home they were my provider and I rarely had any issues with them...plus I used voip for phones and had no line rental.

Since you ar paying eircom for line rental it is up to them to satisfy you as their customer. Either that or they need not charge the line rental... or are we now in a posistion where eircoms sole income is derived from line rental on a coppor wire system which the people of ireland paid for many time over...over the last 100 year!

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Reply #8 on : Wed October 17, 2007, 09:20:22
Hi colin,

During this whole sage (above) my mother or father actually saw an Eircom van in the area and went out to the technicians and asked them to re-connect our line. They found the technicians a lot more down to earth than the call centre drones! As it turns out we have been paying for 2 phone lines!!!! But I think given the level of service we were lucky to get one line connected!!

7 weeks is a disgrace, I hope you get connected soon!

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Reply #7 on : Fri October 12, 2007, 17:40:58
I have been waiting 7 weeks since putting in a request for a landline connection. This means I can't make calls to my daughter in UK no internet and no sky television. I have rang dozens of times with nothing but excuses about technicians being busy. How difficult is it to connect a landline when everything is in place. I think it's disgusting in this day and age that such an important item for communication is so difficult to accompolish. Please connect our landline. Please, please.

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sure thing ada :)
Reply #6 on : Tue October 02, 2007, 14:30:56
Please provide me with your bank no. and sort code, as I will need these to pay the hitman I just sent to your house......to fix your phone of course ;)

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technical difficulties
Reply #5 on : Sun September 30, 2007, 12:03:00
There is something wrong with my phone line and eircom says you are responsible.
today I actually bought a new phone, thinking that might be the problem. There appears to be something wrong with the phone line. I would appreciate greatly if you could fix it as soon as possible as I rely on my phone a great deal
my account no. is 21-23F7EG-1
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